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Yoga for the 

Special Child

Yoga for the Special Child, LLC is an integrative and comprehensive method created by the brilliant Sonia Sumar, a longtime yogi and mother of a daughter who had Down's Syndrome.  Sonia used yoga to help improve her daughter's speech, muscle tone, mobility, even her strabismus ("crossed eye").  Sonia has been teaching this method for over 40 years, all over the world!  I was blessed to train under Sonia at Yogaville (Virginia).  Learn more about Yoga for the Special Child at their website here.  

(Background: Yogaville; Inset: Sonia & Marla)

How Yoga can help your child

Ongoing research using the Yoga for the Special Child method continues to prove what we already know is true...that yoga works!  Yoga can help improve your child's speech, digestion, elimination, mobility, focus...just to name a few.  I am currently the first and only Yoga for the Special Child Licensed Practitioner in North Carolina!  I am thrilled to be accepting new students in the Triangle area (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill).        I am currently licensed to teach children and adults developmental age 0-13 (therefore can be chronologically older than 13).  Students may have physical challenges, or more able-bodied with "invisible" challenges, such as Autism or ADHD.  

inset: Marla working with a 3 month old on head control